How to Make an Outdoor Fountain with Clay Pots
  A great plan on how to create your own personalized outdoor water fountain using clay pots.
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How to Make an Outdoor Fountain with Clay Pots

An outdoor fountain makes a lovely addition to a yard, patio, deck, or garden. The gentle sound of the continually flowing water is calming, and it provides a great deal of pleasure to anyone who wants to sit back and unwind while taking in the beauty of nature. When embellished with beautiful polished stones, colorful beach glass, shells, flowers, and foliage, an outdoor fountain is an extraordinary way to add considerable beauty and significance to any outdoor area.


Instead of buying an expensive outdoor fountain, consider making one with clay pots. An outdoor fountain really is very easy to make, and you can make one for far less than the cost of a store-bought outdoor fountain. Best of all, you can make your outdoor fountain as basic or as decorative as you want, and by adding unique and creative touches you can make it a very special part of your outdoor living space.

Necessary Supplies

To make an easy outdoor fountain you will need three clay pots of various sizes along with matching clay saucers, and you will need an extra-large waterproof saucer of your choice. This will serve as the base for the entire display, and it must be deep enough to accommodate a small submersible pump. You can use an extra large saucer made of colorful plastic or any other nonporous base that will hold an adequate amount of water. You will also need a high-quality submersible pump with tubing, an electric drill, a masonry bit, a grinding bit, and clear waterproof sealant.


Begin by planning the design of the outdoor fountain before drilling holes and grinding notches. Turn the largest clay pot over, and top it with the matching clay saucer. The tallest pot and saucer will serve as the top of the outdoor fountain.

Next, turn over the second largest pot, and top it with a matching saucer. Place it next to the larger one. The water will flow from a notch in the larger saucer down to the medium-size saucer. It will then flow into the lowest clay saucer and back into the base where it will continue the flow up and around.

Once you have an idea of how the interior of the outdoor fountain should look and how it operates, grind a notch in the edge of the largest saucer (not the base) and five larger notches along the edge of the largest clay pot. One of the notches in the edge of the pot will be used for the pump cord, and the other notches will allow water to flow under the largest pot so it can circulate and reach the pump beneath. The notch in the edge of the largest fountain saucer will allow the water to flow down to the next level.

The next step is to carefully drill a hole in center of the bottom of the largest saucer. Thread a piece of tubing up through the interior of the overturned clay pot and through the hole of the matching saucer. Fill in the gap around the tubing in the saucer with clear waterproof sealant, and allow it to dry completely according to product label instructions. The hole must be sealed around the tubing for the outdoor fountain to work properly.

Repeat the process of grinding notches in the top edges of the clay pots, and arrange the overturned pots and saucers so the water will flow from the tallest saucer down to the lowest and back into the base of the fountain. After setting up the pots and saucers, fill the base saucer about ˝ inch from the top with water, and plug in the pump. Move the pots and saucers closer together if necessary to create a continual flow of water from the top saucer to the bottom.

Optional Additions

Consider placing clear blue marbles, beach glass, or pretty polished stones in the base of the outdoor fountain. Add several unique shells and eye-catching realistic looking decorations such as ceramic frogs, coral, or any other waterproof items of interest. The products available in the aquatic section of a pet store or discount store are ideal for an outdoor fountain. You might also contemplate adding outdoor water plants such as lilies, dwarf water bamboo, or any other vegetation that grows well in shallow water as well as in your particular hardiness zone.

This outdoor clay pot fountain will become the focal point of your patio, deck, or garden, especially when surrounded by flowers and other garden décor. Place beautiful flowering plants and stepping stones around the clay pot fountain, and turn your outdoor space into your own private getaway. The soothing sound of the water will relax your mind and spirit, and the area surrounding your outdoor fountain will become your favorite place to enjoy the outdoor air and the abundance of wildlife attracted to your clay pot water fountain.

Article by Jessica Ackerman of Wall Decor and Home Accents - the best shopping for large wall decor and candle wall sconces online.

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