The Easy Elegance of Swags and Scarf Valances
  The Easy Elegance of Swags and Scarf Valances
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The Easy Elegance of Swags and Scarf Valances

Copyright 2006 Julie Lohmeier

The easiest drape to make and hang is a swag or scarf valance. It's easy to make, looks elegant, entails less cost and fuss than other drapery styles, and works in any room.

While tailored, pleated swags are a bit more involved and are also usually paired with jabots (pleated side pieces), a scarf valance or swag is quite easy. Simply hang a length of fabric over a decorative rod or on tie backs or swag holders. Gather the fabric to create soft folds, pull to make relaxed lines across the top.


To make a swag or scarf, measure your window's width and add two times the length you want the swag to hang down the sides. Add an extra 12"-24" so that you can pull the swag to "sag" in the center. Hem up each end. Ideally make a seam on each side unless you have a very finished looking selvage (the sides of fabric that are tightly woven to prevent unraveling). Done.

You may also want to sew two pieces of contrasting fabric together so that one shows behind the other when you hang your swag. Add trim to the inside edge to create more color, texture, and luxury. Cut the ends at an angle for added flair, especially as you lightly gather or fold your swag before hanging it. Lace and voile make beautiful sheer scarf valances.

If you ever need a simply elegant window treatment and lack time and money, turn to a swag or scarf valance. You can't beat the simplicity or the rich, soft look.

About The Author:
Julie Lohmeier is the veteran of numerous home remodeling and building projects. From working hands on and doing much of the work herself to hiring contractors and construction managers, she has seen the entire spectrum of home improvement. She shares her remodeling tips, home decorating ideas, and other various rants at Subscribe to her free newsletter at:

@copyright 2006, Julie Lohmeier, Use this report in its entirety with proper acknowledgement and copyright.

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